In addition to sport courts, RDU Paving has the equipment available and the know-how to grade and pave walking trails, bike paths, greenways, and cart paths with minimum disturbance to surrounding areas.

WALKING TRAILS: RDU Paving, Inc. has completed both new paving and pavement repairs on walking trails in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. Due to accessibility, these projects require a paving company with a strong history and experience completing similar projects. Also, walking trails are lighter duty pavement requiring less asphalt, so a paving contractor must be careful not to damage the walking trail when working on it. RDU Paving can help you successfully plan and pave your walking trail project. The American Tobacco Trail Project in Durham is a recently completed project for RDU Paving. This trail primarily supports joggers, walkers, and bikers. 

CART & BIKE PATH PAVING: Cart & Bike Path Paving is another area of RDU Paving’s significant work experience history. New Path Paving follows the new construction paving process including stone placement and asphalt placement. Typically, bike path paving requires lighter duty pavement, while cart path paving will require thicker pavement in order to support the additional weight of golf carts. Cart & Bike Path Paving Repairs are typically needed due to tree root damage or erosion. RDU Paving can assess and advise you on your new paving or pavement repair cart path or bike paving project.

GREENWAY PAVING: Greenway Paving is one of RDU Paving’s specialties, and we have successfully completed numerous paving projects in the Raleigh area.  White Deer Park Greenway in Garner, Neuse River Greenway in Raleigh, and Riverwalk Greenway in Hillsborough are a sample of RDU Paving’s successful Greenway Paving projects. We have experience constructing both new greenways as well as repairing existing ones. Greenways require an experienced paving contractor to properly construct and repair.

Paving - White Deer Walking Trial - Garner, NC
RDU Paving - Path Paving Colvard Farms Durham NC
Greenway Paving at American Tobacco Trail Durham
RDU Paving - Durham American Tobacco trail
RDU Paving - Raleigh paving asphalt trail
RDU Paving - walking trail in Cary NC

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