SPEED BUMPS: Speed Bumps are typically less than 1 foot wide and 3-4 inches in height. RDU Paving paves speed bumps to the height and size that you need. You can select among asphalt, concrete, and recycled materials.

SPEED HUMPS: Speed Humps are longer than speed bumps and range from 12-14 feet in length and are 3-3.5″ in height. RDU Paving can either construct new speed humps with asphalt and/or concrete, or we can install specialty speed humps. RDU Paving can also install decorative finishes to speed humps such as StreetPrint, which provides the appearance of brick.

SPEED TABLES: Speed Tables are longer than speed humps and are typically 22 feet long and 3-3.5″ height. Speed Tables can be constructed of Asphalt or Concrete, or they can be purchased and installed. RDU Paving can also install decorative asphalt or concrete finishes to speed tables.

RDU Paving, Inc. can pave or install traffic calming and speed devices tailored to meet your needs. Speed bumps, humps, and tables are all options, and within each of these products, there are numerous options to choose from. RDU Paving, Inc. can help you select the best product for your property.

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